Michael Champeno, the newest addition to the Sowa Entertainment DJ team, got his start when he was only 14. As a freshman at Pinkerton Academy, Michael began learning to DJ as he assisted the other Sowa Entertainment DJs at events.  Throughout the years Michael has become skilled at creating great mixes of music to keep the dance floor full, he’s trained to become a MC for weddings and other celebrations, and all along his passion for the craft has grown deeper. With his combination of skills and desire to create the most exciting and memorable events, tailored to each client’s needs, Michael will be in high demand as the word gets out about this new kid on the block!

Michael is currently enrolled at the University of Hartford, studying Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Acoustics. Over the years he’s had a few different summer jobs, and as a result is quite a handy person, with experience in maintenance and landscaping, but his passion has always been the entertainment industry. Besides having fun at events and creating memories that will last a lifetime for clients, Michael is a lover of theatre and can regularly be found working as an audio or lighting engineer backstage at local theatre performances. As if that wasn’t enough, Michael is very interested in new technology; in his free time you can frequently find him either on YouTube watching tech videos or reading articles in Digital Trends.