Are you interested in promoting your event or celebration with a hashtag? Would you like to easily collect all of your guests’ Instagram or Twitter photos taken at your event? Or just want something a little more unique and interactive than a photo booth? Our cutting-edge InstaBooth (Instagram + Booth) is the newest way to enhance your event while inspiring guests to take more photos and get more involved!

InstaBooth works by collecting photos and videos from Instagram and Twitter labeled with your event’s special hashtag. Guests just take pictures or video with their smart phones and #hashtag them as they normally would, while the InstaBooth automatically collects and displays them in a slide show gallery on a monitor or large projector screen. Guests can walk up to the InstaBooth anytime to enjoy the slideshow or collect prints, no waiting in line! Those without Instagram or Twitter can join in the fun by simply emailing pictures from their phone or personal device – everyone gets to take home a personalized souvenir. At the end of your event, our friendly InstaBooth attendant will hand you a flash drive with all of the photos taken, so you have your InstaBooth memories to enjoy for years to come, or to use as promotional materials.


Engaging your guests with social media creates a buzz leading up to the event. InstaBooth also collects, displays, and prints anything hashtagged and posted before the event, so you can encourage guests to take photos in the days and weeks leading up to the event, creating more memories and potential keepsakes for guest to print and view.


Prints come with a personalized design template for your event. Custom display banners, messages, headers, footers, and backgrounds are created for you by our graphic design staff at no additional charge. InstaBooth is great for wedding favors, corporate branded take-aways, or fun souvenirs.
During the ongoing slideshow, you can have personal signs, messages, or videos show up in between guests’ photos, so while the they are viewing hashtagged photos, you can show your appreciation or give them an extra laugh and a smile as they browse photos or collect their prints.


As guests take photos and collect their prints, InstaBooth can post photos to your Facebook page in real time! This is a great way to increase awareness and include friends, family, clients, or other people in your event that aren’t able to attend, because they can see other guest’s photos as they are taken and share in the experience! Don’t miss out on the power of today’s social media technology to connect your brand or event with so many people effectively and instantly!

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